Samyang 8mm 3.8 Fish Eye Canon/Nikon

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Designed for DSLR Video Shooting Ideal with APS-C Sensors De-clicked Aperture 180º Angle of View Built-In Petal Type Lens Hood Toothed Aperture and Focus Rings For Canon DSLR Cameras
Product Code: 82
Brand: Samyang
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
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Rs. 45,000

Thanks to its smooth, de-clicked aperture and ideal focal length, the 8mm T/3.8 Fisheye Cine Lens for Canon from Samyang is a great lens for shooting video with your DSLR camera. It is designed to shoot with APS-C image sensors, for which it provides full frame coverage, creating an expanded perspective that covers the entire frame. For DSLR's with a full frame sensor, this lens will produce pictures with a semi-circular image and close-ups will appear proportionately large for a dramatic effect. Its de-clicked aperture range runs from T/3.8 to T/22, providing a smooth, silent, jump-free transition when shooting video and its multi-layered, anti-reflective UMC coated lenses allow for clean light transmission and razor sharp images. Toothed focusing, aperture rings and bright, white numbering make controlling your image all the easier.

Optically designed to work best with APS-C sensors, providing full frame coverage and 180º angle of view.
De-clicked aperture movement and toothed focus and aperture rings provide smooth operation while shooting video.
Multi-layered and anti-reflective UMC coated glass
For Canon DSLR cameras.

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