Shanny SN600C-RT For Canon


Guide Number: GN 60m ( ISO 100 / 200mm )

High Speed Sync: to 1/8000s

Flash Mode: ETTL/M/MULTI

Built-in Slave Function: 2.4GHz RT Radio System( Compatible with Canon RT System)

Optic Wireless Mode: S1 & S2 Basic Optic Slave Modes

Zoom Range: 20-200mm Auto and Manual Zoom( 14mm with wide-angle diffuser)

Sync Mode: HSS, 1st Curtain Sync / 2nd Curtain Sync

Manual Flash: 1/128 – 1/1 output control (1/3rd increments)

Frequency Flash: 1~199Hz

Radio Channels: Auto, CH 01~CH15

Radio Transmission Distance: Approximate 30 m

Radio ID: 0000-9999

Multiple Flash Groups: Support A/B/C/D/E Flash Groups

AF Assist Light: Support

Modeling Flash: Support

Full power recycle: From 1.8 seconds

FEC/ FEB/ FEL: Support 1/3rd Increments (±3 stops)

Bounce( Tilt)/ Swivel Angle: Full 360 Degree Swivel and Tilt Head (With Tilt Lock Button)

Port External: Battery Port/ PC Sync Port/ Standard Hot Shoe/ USB Upgrade port

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Shanny SN600C-RT E-TTL Build-in Slave 2.4G Wireless Radio HSS Flash Camera Speedlite for Canon 700D 60D 70D 7D 7DII 6D 5D2 5DIII



SN600C-RT is exactlly the same function as the Canon's best flash 600EX-RT, same functions, same power, even with same apprearance, TTL, HSS, Master... 

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