Macro LED Ring Flash RF-550D

This RF- 550D Marco LED Ring Flash is specially designed to use in the field of macroshot, scientific research,medical and personal photography in a very close distance shooting. It can provide continuous and stable semi light or full light to meet higher photograph needs. Visual LCD display with high definition. Consist of 48 pieces LED, higher luminance and lower static power consumption. Fit Device: for any model of NIKON or Canon brand DSLR
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Low-cost LED ring flash has fancy LCD controls

We recently saw the launch of Aputure’s Amaran Halo – an LED macro ring light which works as a flash or a continuous lamp. But there’s already some competition out there. Travor, a brand of Celltech Electronic Company, has launched the RF-550D LED ring flash, a gadget with very similar capabilities.Travor RF-550D LED ring flash

The circular array has 48 diodes and fits on to the camera lens using screw-in adapters. There’s no facility to mount the ring up above the lens, on the control unit, like the Amaran Halo, as well though.

Travor RF-550D LED ring flash

The RF-550D is powered and controlled from a module that fits on the camera hotshoe. The control panel consists of a large backlit LCD, as opposed to the more spartan LED indicators found on the Aputure unit.

Travor RF-550D LED ring flash, rear

The different buttons allow the user to set the power level, switch between continuous mode and flash mode and switch the left and right LEDs on or off. It’s not clear if there is an autofocus-assist function. The foot is plastic.

Travor RF-550D control unit

The screen shows a visual representation of the brightness setting, plus a battery life indicator.

Travor RF-550D battery compartment

The whole system is powered by four AA batteries that fit inside the control module.

Travor RF-550D LED ring flash kit

On the front of the ring you can fit one of four different plastic filters, which protect the LEDs and change the colour of emitted light. Included in the kit you’ll find transparent, blue and orange filters for different colour temperatures. There’s also a frosted diffusion filter which the company calls “oyster white”.

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