YN 160S Video Light

Product Description Color: YN-160S Features: 160 LED lamps. Suitable for video taking, either for lights setup or supplement. Symmetrical light output. Uniform illumination brightness. 16-level-adjustable light output. Wide operating voltage. Compatible with seven different kinds of batteries: Panasonic CGR-D16S/CGR-D220, Sony NP-FH70/NP-FM55H/NP-F550 Ni-MH and AA batteries. With LED indicators, can show battery capacity by simply pressing the test button. There are two filters included with this item. Hot shoe design can be attached to the video cam or DC. Specifications: Model: YN-160S. LED quantity: 160 pieces. Brightness adjustment modes: 16 levels. Working voltage: DC6.0-9.0V Power: 3-9W. Color temperature: 5500-6500K. Battery: 1 x Panasonic CGR-D16S/D220, or 1x Sony NP-FH70/NP-FM55H/NP-F550, or 6 x Ni-MH, or 6 x AA batteries. Life expectancy: >10000 hours. Full power usage time: 15 hours (sony F970 Lithium battery capacity: 5800mah, the product's default brightness). Illu
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YONGNUO YN-160S LED Video Light is constructed by 160 highlighted LEDs, simplfied version of YN-160, which gives an easy way for professional lighting with high energy efficiency. It gives accurate color temperature and can reach to the standard level - 5500K. It has 16-level microcomputer dimming which gives various light circumstance. It supports AA batteries and some common batteries for power supply.

Universal hotshoe adapter and warm color filter (3200K) is also included in package. (For Sony / Minolta camera, a hot shoe adapter is required.)


Color Temperature: 5500K 
Number of LED: 160 
Light Gears: 16-level microcomputer dimming 
Working life of LED: over 10000 hours 
1m: 1480lum 
2m: 450lum 
3m: 178lum 
4m: 101lum 
5m: 63lum
Suitable battery: 
6 x AA battery (alkaline or Ni-MH battery) 
Panasonic CGR-D16S/D220 rechargeable batteries 
SONY NP series rechargeable batteries

Package Included:

Yongnuo LED Video Light YN-160 x 1 
Hotshoe adapter x 1 
Color Filter Set (diffuser + orange) x 1 
Stand x 1 
Instruction Manual x 1

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