5 in 1 Reflector (5 Colors) Size 110cm

Product Highlights:

White color bounces light in to shadows.
Gold color warms up the picture.
Silver color gives brightness to picture.
Gold and silver stripe warms the picture half as much as plain gold.
Transparent soft light usually used overhead.
Its size is 110cm.
It can be easily folded which fits in the case.
It has black case with heavy material and sturdy zipper.
Brand: Chinese
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Product Description:

5-1 Circular Collapsible Reflector from Impact adds a polished-looking quality of light to your photos or videos. The reflector is built around a translucent disc which doesn’t reflect as much as the solid white surface, but does exhibit soft neutral reflection. Its primary purpose, however, is as a diffuser that will tame contrast by being held over a subject’s head in the harsh noon-day sun. The disc can also be used in situations where you’d use a softbox. Using a disc holder or one of the 3/8″ sockets, place your flash or constant light behind the suspended disc for soft, flattering light with open shadows.

The 5-in-1 reflector has handy convenience features that make it easy to use and deliver impressive results, while saving space by folding down to approximately one third of its open size. Impact’s smart design provides ergonomic handgrips that allow you to hold the disc in a flat or U-shaped position, or in any way that gets the job done. Each of the grips has additional 3/8″-16 threaded sockets for attachment to accessories or grip equipment. The 5-in-1 Reflector comes with a carry/storage case.

The surfaces are available as removable, reversible sleeves that slip over the disc. Silver offers very high reflective qualities that render a snappy high-contrast look with a cool color bias. Just the opposite, the Gold surface reflects a very warm quality; similar to late afternoon or sunset light. The Black fabric subtracts light from the subject, and can be used to block out unwanted light or to greatly reduce reflections on shiny or reflective surfaces. Finally, the flat White surface provides neutral reflectance with a soft quality of light.

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